About hfex

Who are we?

We are a team of human factors experts covering a whole range of organisational challenges associated with physical, organisational, cognitive and neuro ergonomics. We acknowledge that no one person can cover everything in human factors and so we have a team of experts to meet your needs.

What we do ...

We provide a range of services utilising well researched tools to understand your challenges and, more importantly, help you develop and implement solutions to ensure your workforce work as efficiently and as safely as possible.

How we do it!

We listen to you - understand your problem or your vision - and we collaborate to provide bespoke solutions that you can be confident will have the benefits you are seeking from engaging us. We are not scared to get our hands dirty -  in fact it is a must if we are dealing with issues associated with the work force. We work ethically, with integrity and honesty. Our approach is holistic, dynamic and multi-disciplined.

And the ultimate benefit for you is ....?

You get the confidence that your employee's work environment can be improved, thus making it safer and more productive. This is achieved by obtaining a deeper understanding from us concerning how your people behave, think and operate.

The Team

Managing Director and Principal Human Factors Consultant (NZ)

Karl Bridges BSc (Hons) MSc CNZHFE C.ErgHF FCIEHF – Founder and Director of hfex®, with human factors professional certification in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Karl, along with his 20+ years experience of working in Psychology is also HASANZ certified and has worked across all industries:
  • Human factors assessment of new technology
  • Systems thinking to organisational change
  • Human factors risk management of complex systems
  • Human factors and fatigue risk management training
  • Usability and human centred design
  • Workplace trials and research

Principal Human Factors Consultant (AUS)

Dr. Janette Rose  BA (Hons) PhD (Psych)– Jan completed her PhD with the University of South Australia, conducting research into the human factors implications of introducing new technology into the train cab. Her particular interests are in the cognitive effects of technology in the workplace, situation awareness, and user resistance to technology. Janette has conducted research for CQ University in the area of human factors including the impact of technology on operator performance and safety, error analysis, and accident investigation. She has published several journal papers, conference papers, and book chapters looking at evaluating rail technology, subjective measurement of situation awareness, and the use of task analysis to evaluate the effects of information support technology. Jan also teaches human factors courses and tutors Health Psychology at the University of South Australia.

Human Factors Consultants

Dr. Valerie O’Keeffe Grad Dip MErg  PhD CPE COHSProfValerie's background is in applied health sciences, specialising in human factors and ergonomics and work health and safety. She has over 25 years’ experience in work health and safety, including policy development, compliance and enforcement, consulting, education and training. She holds post-graduate qualifications in social sciences, occupational health, management and ergonomics and a PhD in psychology. Valerie’s work aims to understand and improve workers’ experiences of, and performance at work through improving the design of work, equipment, spaces, practices and systems. She has worked across a diversity of industries from manufacturing to mining, and hospitality to healthcare. Her recent projects have examined decision making in healthcare and job design in aged care. She is a Certified Professional Ergonomist of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia and a Certified Health and Safety Professional of the Safety Institute of Australia.

Robert Henderson, MNZM BSc MSc (Hons) CMInstD -​ Bob is a Captain and Instructor for a major airline. He is also Board Member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. Bob has an MSc ​(1st class honours) in Psychology. Along with his 40+ years in aviation, Bob's experience includes:
  • Auditing a major human factors research project at the University of Auckland Medical School
  • Participating on the Health Quality and Safety Commission, Perioperative Harm Advisory Group
  • Providing human factors expertise for an external review for a DHB investigation
  • Investigating human factors aspects on a major aircraft incident and co-producing a consequential training video distributed by Boeing and Airbus​​​
  • Human factors training packages for New South Wales Railcorp, Telecom New Zealand and aviation industry groups
  • Facilitating Civil Aviation industry safety forums​​


Ted Belbin BSc MA - Ted has recently completed his Masters in Organisational Psychology at the University of Waikato. Ted’s thesis involved a study on human factors present within human error in anaesthesia in New Zealand. During this investigation Ted found that there is a multitude of human factors present within anaesthesia with a relationship to error such as fatigue and stress related factors and that these manifest in many ways. Teds’ interests and skills cover the overlap between human factors, design, and organisational processes such as recruitment, training and development, and other alike operations.

Dr. Charlotte Connell Bsc (Hons.) BSc PhD - Charlie has recently completed her PhD in Exercise Science at University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her research focused on exercise-induced fatigue in the central nervous system, and how this influences the way the brain receives, processes and responds to visual information. 

Lana Kinney BSc, MSc- Lana is in the final months of her Master’s of Science degree, her thesis is based in the area of Aviation Psychology and Human Factors. The study is using general aviation pilots to examine the presence and effects of startle and surprise in expected versus unexpected emergency flight events e.g. engine failure. Lana has previous research assistant experience in which she completed statistical analyses and literature reviews. As well as this, she has hands on experience in the maritime industry. 

Rachel Goh BA(Hons) – Rachel is currently pursuing her PhD in Human Factors Psychology with an expected completion date of end 2018. Her research focus is on group decision-making processes and how the multidimensionality of trust may affect people’s decisions, specifically using an airport-screening paradigm. She has experience in both quantitative and qualitative research, even in other areas like Health and Behavioural Psychology. Rachel also has experience in a non-profit consultancy role, and has represented the International students at the University of Otago in a student executive role. Rachel is open to new learning opportunities and is excited to apply her knowledge on a more practical level. 

Nigel Nairn Dip (Physio) PGDip (Erg) PGDip (Physio)  – Nigel is a physiotherapist with over 20 years clinical experience and operates a successful private practice. Nigel has a post graduate Diploma in Ergonomics obtained at Massey University’s Centre for Ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Health. Nigel has a particular expertise in health ergonomics i.e. health systems and program design including the area of telehealth where capacity, age and disability pose barriers to value and success. Nigel is actively pursuing his certification as a registered Human Factors professional.

Helen Wright BSc (Hons) PGDip NEBOSH CMIOSH – Helen is a practising registered osteopath with over 15 years experience of working in the field of occupational health and safety. She is a Chartered Member of the institute of Occupational Health and Safety (CMIOSH), UK and has experience of working in the public and health sectors, and in the chemical, rail and construction industries. Helen has post graduate qualifications in health ergonomics and is currently undergoing research to attain her Masters. Helen is actively pursuing her certification as a registered Human Factors professional.

Wayne Perkins MA - Wayne has qualifications in behavioural psychology and has worked in transport safety for 28 years. He has played a significant role in the introduction of new programmes such as graduated driver licensing and random breath testing. He has developed guidance material in areas as diverse as driver training, traffic enforcement, road safety advertising and seafarer fatigue management.

Wayne has assisted investigators with the human aspects of safety investigation and assisted in the training of safety investigators. Wayne has considerable experience in developing practical approaches to regulation and compliance, particularly in health and safety. He is able to provide assistance in understanding the practical implications for compliance with safety regulations.​


Dr. Kyle Wilson BSc (HonsPhD - Kyle received his PhD in Psychology at the University of Canterbury for his research concerning shooting performance and human factors involved in accidental shootings (e.g. friendly fire). His expertise lies in human factors and applied cognitive psychology. Kyle’s main focus is on understanding human performance and limitations, and improving the design of technology and systems to increase safety, efficiency, and enjoyment. He also has experience investigating decision making, skill development, and communication within individuals and teams in several domains including cyber security, defence, and advanced manufacturing. Kyle has worked as a lecturer/researcher at the University of Huddersfield (UK), a usability analyst at a healthcare technology company, and as a user experience designer at a robotics start-up company he co-founded. Kyle is actively pursuing his certification as a human factors professional.

Photos courtesy of Ilan Wittenberg - award winning portrait photographer​ and Photoplay Studios