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hfex® provide you with the expertise to understand the human element in your workplace.

Working closely with Safety, Operations, Delivery, IT, Risk and Change Managers, hfex® ensures that the human factor does not undo the smooth running of your business.


The human factor includes:

  • Cybersecurity compromised due to user behaviour.
  • Business and data intelligence ambiguous or not optimised.
  • Designs that are unusable or set to fail.
  • Change management challenges with new equipment, systems or process.
  • Employees making dangerous mistakes.
  • Any undesirable employee behaviours.
  • A wide range of behaviour or cognition in any work environment.


About us!

The work environment is always changing.

hfex® ensures your people keep up - not trip up - on complexity, growth or change.

hfex® creates solutions to meet your organisation’s unique needs. We ensure your people work as safely and efficiently as possible.

Knowing how people think and behave is our expertise. We want to help you grow into one of the most effective and efficient workplaces in the world.


What happens when you don't consider the human factor?

Injury, death, asset damage, customer dissatisfaction and rework - all come from a mistake of some sort.





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